Fitness is a planned event

Every weekday morning, 20% of the people who enrolled for a gym membership show-up and do their “thang”. Some of them who live busy lives…family, career, church, and so on…enter these morning events in their iPhones, Androids, Outlook calendars, FranklinCovey systems, yah know. Their planners. Although they may not necessarily be using their time effectively or efficiently (tip), they “plan” to be there ever morning to do their workout.

I’m curious: How many of you have a scheduling system? How many of you include your workout as a planned event?

Here’s one of many great articles written by a champion bodybuilder, about goal-setting…

Fail to Plan, Plan To Fail: The Importance of Goal Setting

By Merilee A. Kern :: Original Post Click Here

Goal setting is a powerful tool, whether applied to one’s professional life, personal aspirations or health objectives. In fact, goal setting can make the critical difference between success and failure.

One obvious goal of many may be to simply stick to your diet and/or exercise program in the context of a busy, overscheduled daily routine, but effective goal setting goes far beyond this fairly elementary ambition.

While life may seem out of control at times and that you’re a passenger in life rather than the driver, remind yourself that YOU hold the greatest power of all – that is the ability to design your own life. You can wake up every morning and decide to exercise, lift your own spirit through positive affirmations, and eat a nutritious breakfast, or you can choose other options that may be detrimental to your emotional and/or physical health. Ultimately, the decision is yours and yours alone.

Here are a few tips to make lifetime commitments through goal setting:

1. Don’t compare yourself with anyone except your self. This is not about winning or losing. This is about making your life better – whatever that means for YOU.

2. Focus on the present – How will you feel after your exercise session today? Will your ability to resist that Danish fill you with a sense of accomplishment?

3. Imagine the results – literally. How you picture yourself is often a self fulfilling prophecy. Day dream in detail about how you would like to look. Athletes picture themselves performing their event over and over again in their minds until they finally perfect it. If you see your self as soft, sloppy, weak, tired, or stressed, this may very well become your reality for just thinking it. Picture yourself standing tall taking deep breaths, confidently striding forward as you approach life head on.

4. Take small steps – they DO count! It’s impossible to stop smoking, start drinking 64 oz of water, and exercising 5 days a week. Start slowly, one attainable goal at a time. Begin with taking a short walk and slowly work your way up.

5. Be patient – it make take weeks before you start noticing you have more energy, your clothes are fitting more loosely and you aren’t getting short of breath walking up a flight of steps. When you do recognize these signs of achievement, revel in the glory.

6. Put holes in your excuses. When you find your self coming up with an excuse not to exercise, go back to the reasons why you want to exercise in the first place. Put a stop to the negative self talk and obstacle formation. Grab that mental sledge hammer and break through!

7. Journal – If you do just one thing related to goal setting, begin journaling. Tracking your progress can help you stay focused. Write down not only your goals, but what exercises you did, how you are feeling and what small changes you are noticing in your everyday life like, not being short of breath or lifting something with ease, or having less pain. Writing your goals in front of your journal would help you to review them daily.

Child health advocate, weight-loss industry veteran and former bodybuilding champion Merilee A. Kern is co-founder and CEO of Healthy Kids’ Catalog® – an online resource offering Solutions That Foster Healthy ChildrenT. She is also author of the fictional children’s book, “It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Overweight – A Story of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Accomplishment for Overweight and Obese Kids”. She can be reached through her Web sites at [] and

NOTE FROM MOVE TO BE FIT AUTHOR: A few of the words in the original had obvious typos, so those were corrected in my post.

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  1. I think this is among the most significant information for me. And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The website style is wonderful, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

    1. marlinav says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about my recent post. It’s my hope and prayer that this medium brings readers one step closer toward making better choices toward improved health and fitness. Marlina

  2. Doing cardio will not make you lose fat from a specific area. Your body will get rid of the fat where it needs to go first. Toning, pilates etc type or exercise will tone the areas you are working on. Jumping jacks will higher your heart rate and get them extra calories burning while your treadmill is broken. Funnily enough, mine broke tonight too! Am gutted! Will be going for a jog tomorrow then will be doing a pilates dvd. A mix of cardio and stretching and toning is working well on my body. Of course eating right too. Good luck x

    1. marlinav says:

      Gabriel – Thanks so much for taking time to read content on the MOVE site. Your comment is appreciated. I “wholey” agree with you on the “cardio” piece. I’ve been training two ladies at 8am M-F and the programs I’ve designed especially for them have increased their basal metabolic rate due to the fact that they are getting stronger (lean muscle development), and able to do each movement for longer (increased strength & conditioning). The 20-minute boot-camp style, super-set circuit training along with 10-15 minute interval training on the treadmill has resulted in weight and inches lost in different areas for both ladies. Imagine that, we’ve all been doing exactly the same workouts! Yes, I’m doing similar movements as they are and I have different gains. Today, April ran for 1 mile at a comfortable pace and loves getting “in-the-zone”. I’ve started cutting out the treadmill for warm-up because they have noticed that their body warms-up quicker, and they get a lot more out of it while doing kick-boxing movements. We do a short yoga and flexibility posing for 5-10 minutes to end the session. And, yes, indeedy….I’ve also worked with them both on the rest of their food and lifestyle habits.

      I will be uploading workouts pics and vids soon so that you can “see” what they’ve been doing for the past two months. When they are ready to appear in a video testimonial; you’ll actually watch them in action as they beam with pride about their accomplishments.


  3. Im impressed, I need to say. Extremely hardly ever do I come across a weblog thats both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, youve hit the nail on the head. Your blog is critical; the problem is one thing that not adequate people are talking intelligently about. Im truly content that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this issue.

    1. marlinav says:

      Thanks so much, Virgilio! What a blessing it was for me to see your comment this evening. I’m honored and happy to help fill your thirst for knowledge about fitness, all-the-while amusing you. People that know me personally understand that at the very core of my nature, is a demand for everyone to have “fun”. If it ain’t “FUN”, I ain’t doin’ it! Yah know that saying, “Have fun”?…whenever you’re going on a vacation or going out on the town? My response is, “Where ever I sit, stand…where ever I am. I’m having fun!” Okay, got on a lil’ bunny trail. Relating back “to this issue”…fitness, right.

      There are lots of people online saying, writing about different approaches and perspectives on health and fitness. I’m overwhelmed by how many are selling some sort of product or video or book about a fad diet or gimmick on how to improve one’s well-being. The sad truth is that most of it is canned, made-up, or cannot be substantiated by scientific research or non-bias testimonials. My approach is to tell a story about my personal experiences about my journey toward achieving optimal health and well-being. At first, I drowned in the minutia of information from the web. Then I discovered that my personal trainer friends had differing opinions, and I found myself compromising certain belief systems by associating with them. So, I set-out on a quest for developing my own voice, language; and applying simple steps in teaching lifestyle shift paradigms.

      I’m very blessed with an amazing mentors and surrounded by a huge community of health care professionals, fitness experts, nutritionists, biochemist, and scientists who I glean from. I put it together in a fun, lil’ package that makes common sense, inspiring, and everyone can use right away in their journey toward achieving their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

      Thanks again, Marlina

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